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More Good Books

Check our updated list of Good Books you might enjoy reading and reviewing. Enjoy the covers collage at the end of the list, which includes some titles not listed.

You can also see the latest from Philip Garside Publishing Ltd, and pre-order:

being christianBeing Christian in the Twenty-First Century
by Sam Gould
Written to help struggling and doubting Christians develop an understanding of Christianity that avoids literalism, creeds, and doctrines – all factors which seem to be driving people away from the church – this book is well suited for individual or group study, complete with a study guide and sample lesson plans. It responds to the call for theological reform advocated by many contemporary clergy and religious leaders.

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Will the Real Paul Stand up?

The-Real-Paul-cover-300Bernard Brandon Scott – The Real Paul: Recovering His Radical Challenge, Polebridge Press 2015

“… An engaging all-out attack on the Augustinian-Lutheran reading of Paul and his letters. The Real Paul gives new interpretations to what it meant for Paul to be called as the apostle to the Gentiles and takes Paul’s claims seriously …”

—Stanley K. Stowers, Brown University

Bishop Richard Randerson Slips the Moorings

image‘Slipping the Moorings’ is a new Memoir weaving faith with justice, ethics and community by Richard Randerson. Books may be ordered from randersonjr@paradise.net.nz for $30 + p&p.

A new study guide to the book is available Here

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