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Resources for Passiontide and Easter

BronwynwhiteBronwyn Angela White is a wordsmith, you can find her resources at Words of Spirit and Faith which reflect a postmodern spirit and a post-christian faith.  (You will find some of her excellent photos and images there) She is one of the contributors to this website.

Brownywn has gathered together a significant number of resources for the Easter period here – if you are looking on a mobile device, remember to click on Menu to see the resources

Here are a few samples  Continue reading Resources for Passiontide and Easter

progressive faith stories: Fiona’s story

againstthestreamBelonging here was a gradual process for me. Becoming more involved meant taking the risk of openness and trust. Fiona McDougal, St Andrew’s on The Terrace

Glimmers of the sacred in the form of individual conversations, moments of connection in worship and shared meals drew me on.

In particular being at the series of services over Easter offered a way to integrate the psychological abuse I had endured at work in Scotland within a larger story. Holding that painful period of my life alongside the story of Jesus’ death, the losses of others in the community, and the pain of the world, on Good Friday has been very healing. Continue reading progressive faith stories: Fiona’s story