We give thanks for wise women and wise men

Epiphany Prayer © Wendy Matthews (2017)

We give thanks for wise women and wise men who through the centuries have dared to see and follow their star, often at great personal cost—

in pursuing new knowledge:
people like Galileo, Marie Curie, Earnest Rutherford;
in service to others:
people like Florence Nightingale, Mother Therese and all the unsung wise women – midwives and herbalists, often persecuted or even burned as witches;
in the struggle for social justice:
people like Martin Luther King, Waris Dirie;
In working for peace:
people like Dag Hammersjold;
and in pursuing their great creative talents:
such artists as Bach, Leonardo da Vinci, Rita Angus.

As we mark this epiphany Sunday, may we claim our own epiphany.  As followers of the Jesus way, let us keep watch for and embrace the stars we might follow and support.

We celebrated Christian World Service in Advent: an aid organisation that truly reflects the way of love, undertaking together with local organisations, projects to empower deprived people in some of the world’s poorest societies.  Nearer to home we know of many change making organisations.

May our eyes and ears be open to the way of the star, and our hearts be opened to respond with love wherever it may lead us.

Image: “The Divine Journey: Companions of Love and Hope” by Janet McKenzie

This prayer was written to accompany a reflection, “Memory and Mystery“by Bronwyn Angela White



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