Prayer: you come to us like Te Hou the wind

e te Atua God you come to us like Te Hou the wind: you
persist and persist. Your love never ever lets us go.
We can even get irritable from your constant affirmation,
but we love you for it.

e te Atua God you hit us, also like the wind. You reach
every nook and cranny, nowhere escapes you. You insist
there be no cobwebs. Keep us fresh and clear.

e te Atua God your constancy is prevailing. You give us
resilience, you make us stronger, you help us
withstand challenge. Prevailing Atua blow us along
our journeys.

But most of all te Atua, you come to us in the calm.
After the big blows stop. Somehow you shelter us.
With you we are safe. Yes, te Atua you come to us in
quietness and stillness.

Come to us in all these ways today here and now in this
time, in this place.
Like the wind search us out,
challenge us, persist with us and for us, and grant us peacefulness.
Hallow this time for us all.

And now, teach us to live our own lives gently and
kindly with each other, looking at ourselves and our world
through your eyes of respect and hope and light


© Rev Ken Irwin, Wellington (2019)

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