Certain of Uncertainty (lyrics)

Lyrics by George Stuart in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic 2020
Tune  Forest Green  (UMH 152)

In life with such uncertainty
We long to feel at peace;
But with no proven guarantee
We feel our stress increase.

When in the maze we grope each day,
‘Confusion’ is our name;
When change can ruin life we say,
“Please, let things stay the same.”

Sometimes our journey feeds our fear,
Can lead us to despair,
But in these times we need to hear
From Jesus and his care.

He trusted ‘Love’ would find a way
To ease his troubled soul;
He found that ‘Love’ would always say,
“My strength shall make you whole.”

Disease, distress can take control
And test our firm resolve
To be a source that would console,
That helps our fears dissolve.

In human ways we play our part
When hearing Jesus’ call;
He said “Fear not.”  He’s in our heart
When helping those who fall.

We find our true humanity
When ‘Love’ directs our course.
Inspired by Jesus’ melody
Of hope, with all its force;

He is our guide when life is grim;
He’s with us in our strife;
We stride together. Trust in him
Who came to bring us life.

We cannot see what lies ahead;
It mostly is unknown;
But ‘God in us’ shares every dread;
We need not feel alone.

Together we can help ‘Love’ grow;
Together stand as one;
Our human love can make it so;
Our future can be won.


© George Stuart

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