Liturgy in a time of isolation

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David Felton, Pastor at The Fountains, a United Methodist Church and Co-Creator at Living the Questions, contacted Rex Hunt and our friends in Common Dreams with this message:

I’m looking for an unapologetically progressive/liberal outlook on how to respond to the reality of COVID-19— and not give in to old-school  intercessory appeals to an all-powerful theistic God controlling the universe. Also, what can “liturgy” look like when gatherings are cancelled and people are trying to stay connected via the internet and phone? How can we encourage people to leverage this moment for creative Jesus-inspired action in the world?

We’re collating and sharing the various responses: click on the links below.

And they AssembledRabbi Tamara Cohen

FEAST and FAST – Jim Burklo

Lockdown – Richard Hendrick

STOP: An Imagined Letter from Covid-19 to Humans – Kristin Flyntz

This is the time to be slow (poem) – John O’Donohue

5 new Jewish prayers written for the pandemic – some more ‘progressive’ than others, but beautiful sentiments in all


Links to websites, resources and livestreamed reflections

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