Faith, not belief

Two new resources added to the website:

Ian Harris’s latest ODT article: Say goodbye to belief and welcome to faith

A liturgical resource Affirmation of Faith—Living as if we matter by liturgist Bronwyn Angela White

Books by both these writers will be on sale at the Common Ground 2018 Conference, 7-9 September, St Andrew’s on The Terrace, Wellington – along with titles from  St Andrew’s Trust for the Study of Religion and Society) including Ian’s “Creating God, Re-Creating Christ” (SATRS, 1999)

More about faith:

Faith and belief in NZ (research)

Faith of metaphor and mystery (hymn lyrics)

Faith is having the courage… a responsive prayer

Faith for the 21st Century: Christianity at the Crossroads Lloyd Geering gave this address at St Michael’s Church, Melbourne (from the website of St Andrew’s Trust for the Study of Religion and Society)