Tips for starting a Local Progressive Group

Extracts from Tips for starting and maintaining a local group from the global network

progressive christianity logoBe able to say in a sentence or two why you want to form the group. For example, do you want to deepen your understanding of the progressive approach to Christianity, be able to articulate a progressive viewpoint in conversations with others, create a supporting community, enhance your ability to strive for peace and justice in the world, some combination of these, or do you have some other objective?  Get clear about what you want to be about.

group-of-friends-vector-601265Set a positive tone. It is easy, for example, to be against fundamentalism or against injustice. But it is more attractive in the long run to be for a compelling alternative.

Decide together the major purpose(s) of the group. Is it to be a study/discussion group, a spiritual practice group, a social action group, some other type of group?

Use the personal approach. Posters and flyers are wonderful – but everyone also likes to be asked… Ask those who have said “yes” to invite someone they know.

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