Bishop Richard Randerson Slips the Moorings

image‘Slipping the Moorings’ is a new Memoir weaving faith with justice, ethics and community by Richard Randerson. Books may be ordered from for $30 + p&p.

A new study guide to the book is available Here

Why People are Reading Slipping the Moorings:

  • as a back story of significant changes in New Zealand church and society over the last 50 years
  • to broaden the vocational horizon of priesthood, lay ministry and the church’s mission
  • as a good read that links story with contemporary challenge
  • for church bookstalls, and gifts for friends and family

Bishop Richard is also available to speak, preach or lead seminars on topics arising from Slipping the Moorings.

Books available from the Anglican Centre or telephone 04 472 1057

$30.00 plus P&P, $25.00 plus P&P for three to six copies or $19.50 plus P&P for seven or more copies