Calling all Writers for Justice and Peace

Writers for Justice and Peace: A Gathering for interested Writers

Napier Cathedral 23 May 2015

Erice Fairbrother
Erice Fairbrother

This is an invitation for published writers of liturgy, poetry, theology, lyrics and similar genre, whose passion and primary focus is on the promotion of Justice and Peace to attend a Writers for Justice and Peace gathering over 22/ 23 May 2015 in Napier.

Publishing includes regular publishing on recognised blog sites, as well as in books, journal and magazines, or in local settings where your work has been developed for and used in particular contexts. Such a gathering may help develop a support network for writers, sharing of resources and a forum where voices of justice and peace may be strengthened.

An ability to self-fund attending the gathering is essential.

Expressions of interest and enquiries: or visit

Erice Fairbrother OHCNZ – House of Benedict Spirituality Centre