“Quick Fire Sessions” at Beyond The Border Conference

Quick Fire Titles:


“Liturgy Beyond Words: Image | Space | Action.”  Clare Barrie


“Living the Muslim Spirit in a Secular Society”  Aarif Rashid


“The ADC journey: resisting the “no” reflex”  Sarah Colgan


“Confessions of an Urban Liberal” Brian Dawson


“Progressive Hope for Generation Z(ombie).”  Richard Bonifant.


“Raging Against the Machine: Progressive Youth Ministry (Hells Yeah!).”  Emily Colgan


“Give Holy Communion the flick.  Celebrate the Jesus Banquet.”  Rex Hunt


 “Splicing it! Doing the Story.”  John MacDonald


“From Interfaith to Intrafaith: Speaking to one another about God, sex and politics.”  Fionnaigh McKenzie


“’Making Movies with My Testicles’: The Art, Life and Chutzpah of Alejandro Jodorowsky.”  Andrew Rockell

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